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Interview (VIDEO) to Understand and Utilize YOUR Intuition with Pittsburgh’s Kim Chestney

Some of the BIG “life purpose” questions frequently asked are, “How do I find my path in life?” “How do I know what the right choices are for me in my daily life? And, a really BIG one, “How can I trust myself, life and the Divine?” One of the best, most reliable, readily available and easily accessed […]

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Would YOU Take Poison or a Potion for Self Love?

“When you hate, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” That quote is attributed to several sources online. Regardless of where or when it originated, its clear message expresses Divine law brilliantly. You can’t give what you do not already possess yourself. It’s also like the quote, supposedly from the Buddha, […]

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Quickie Quote: “…A True Measure Of Success.”

Quickie Quote: “To do everything YOU desire to do and to desire everything YOU do is a true measure of success.” – Life YOUniversity For more Quickie Quotes click here!

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5 Spiritual Principles of Divine Living

5 Spiritual Principles of Divine Living Are YOU looking for a quick 5-step process to change your world? Often, we need someone to take us by the hand and guide us along our path. Like the Mini-Guru needing to practice the guitar lessons she learned from her teacher, she needs to take what skills she’s been […]

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The Heart of Summer – Self-Care Routines for a Vacation Mindset

Part of living a divine lifestyle for me is feeling inspired by others personally and professionally who are living their own divine life.  We can’t all be experts in everything, even if we feel entitled to offer our opinions on any subject. I teach self-care routines for a vacation mindset. I follow ladies who are […]

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The Truth of Intention – Excerpt From The Quickie Study Guide

Quick Tip I wanted to share another brief excerpt from Life YOUniversity’s Quickie Study Guide, the Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living. I. Setting Intentions Definition:    Intend  1. To have in mind as something to be done or brought about; plan 2. To have a purpose or design So, the Question becomes, “How are YOU designing your life?”, […]

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An Excerpt from the Quickie Study Guide, the Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living

Life YOUniversity’s Quickie Study Guide, the Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living The purpose of this forthcoming QSG is to compile the ideal practices and principles for Divine Living into a small manual for easy reference. I know we are all quite limited on time and attention spans, so my goal is to pack all the meaningful and […]

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