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All Jewelry 50% Off ~ Clearance Sale for the Holidays!

Life YOUniversity’s entire collection of hand-made jewelry is on SALE! Just some of the divinely-inspired styles that will beautify YOU include wire-wrapped clear-quartz crystals:                   Earrings with spiritual themes: Natural stones: Nature designs: Elegant goddess-style designs: And, bracelets to compliment the earrings! Find the unique piece to […]

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Meditation Class IV Connect to the Divine – Answered Prayers is Tomorrow!

Do YOU know the practical benefits of a Spiritual lifestyle? You may have been limited by your own learned belief systems. Maybe, you haven’t been exposed to information that can help you understand the ways things work, yet. For instance, you know about prayer, but do you understand the way praying and receiving answers works? […]

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Liz Gilbert & Martha Beck on Why We Hate Ourselves (plus Joe Pesci)

Ok, ok, ok… Remember that from Joe Pesci’s character in Lethal Weapon when something was so exciting he had to tell someone right away? That just happened to me and I have to tell YOU! It’s me nerding out over life coaching stuff, but, that’s what you’re here for, right? Here’s what happened… When I got on my […]

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Meditation Class III – Connect to Life is August 14th

A Complete Introduction to Meditation series Class III: Connect to Life, Collective Consciousness is Wednesday, August 14th, 6-7pm Class III is for YOU to know who you are, how to find your path and to connect to life in a meaningful way. Have you ever wanted to figure out why things happen the way they […]

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CLASS II of A Complete Introduction to Meditation ~ Connect to Self is this Wednesday!

Class II – Connect to Self is in 2 days! Kaleidoscope II is hosting Life YOUniversity, LLC’s  Complete Introduction to Meditation class this Wednesday at 6pm. Class II will focus on connecting to YOU, to “Know thyself”. In this Sunday’s Observer-Reporter, an article about an Army veteran using yoga to treat his pain, weight gain and depression […]

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Class TODAY! Meditation – Connect to Self, Know Thyself

Class II: Connect to Self, of the Complete Introduction to Meditation Series Today’s class, at Kaleidoscope II, is for YOU to know who you are, how to find your path and to connect to life in a meaningful way. Live well to be well. Learn to “Know thyself”. Access YOUR intuition, creativity, power, Divine guidance! […]

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Quickie Quote – “Imagine…Infinite Possibilities.”

Quickie Quote “Imagine if YOU shifted your mindset from limitation to the creative Field of Infinite Possibilities.”  -Life YOUniversity, LLC The truth of the matter is that anything can and might happen, even things that YOU were unaware of as a possibility. Too often we see ourselves as limited by our circumstances, previous choices or pre-set […]

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