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“Learn how to Connect, Ask, and Trust to access YOUR Divine nature.”

Let me guide YOU from the path of your thinking mind to the voice of your Inner Guide

As you walk through your life, you are eternally questioning your experience, analyzing and assessing what YOU like and what you don’t want.

It is human nature, to Question.

There is another side to YOU that you may not have been aware of, until now. It’s the side that holds the Answers.

It is your Divine nature that knows the Answers.

Let me teach YOU how to Connect to the Divine and understand the Laws of Nature

for Divine living in YOUR everyday life!

This is YOUR…

Life YOUniversity

“Lisa has a wonderful gift of meeting you right where you are, providing you with unconditional love and the gentle guidance you need. She holds a safe space for you to let all your guards down so your healing can unfold. It’s obvious she lives a life of love. Her kindness and willingness to help is something that cannot be measured. I am beyond grateful for Lisa’s positive influence on my life and am happy to call her role model, mentor, and friend!”

– Angela Failor, Washington, PA


How may I help YOU?

YOU are worth the time, investment and effort!

Life YOUniversity offers a variety of services and price ranges below, starting at FREE! 

Free Q&A Spiritual Advice Column:

Submit YOUR most burning life question and it may be selected to be answered for FREE on the Truth & Love Blog! Check out the Q&A Section!


Personal Emailed Response:

Submit a private question anytime by clicking on the “Ask A Question” button on any page or fill out the form below!

$10 (per question)

Lisa, the Everyday Ordinary Guru

A Spiritual Mentor to offer YOU a natural-law perspective for YOUR personal and specific life questions!  An enlightening Life Coaching Session or Meditation Class leads YOU into a clear mind, relaxation, and directs the steps for moving forward on YOUR path to a Divine lifestyle!

Let’s have some ©CHATS about YOUR life!

Chill Out: Calm down, breathe and Know that all is well. Learn to interpret life’s “language” to better understand how to move forward.

Healing: Challenge your thoughts and YOUR limiting beliefs. Find out how to Connect to the Divine, Ask the right Questions, and hear and Trust the Answers to assist in balancing your heart, mind, and body.

Acceptance: Accept wherever you are right here and now as a stepping stone to where YOU want to be! Infuse Peace into daily activities of life with Present Moment Awareness.

Take Responsibility: You are responsible for how YOU CONNECT with life. Learn the natural flow to the game of life so YOU can Play to Win!

Soar: Get in touch with YOUR own true nature and BLOOM into a higher awareness of Truth, Love and even miracles! Turn your everyday ordinary life into Divine living!

Online Webinars:

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Individual Life Coaching Sessions:

1/2 Hour Quick CHATS


1 Hour CHATS


2 Hour Deep CHATS


Life Coaching


If you would like deeper advancement, schedule a 3-session intensive AND receive a discount!

Pack of 3, 1/2 Hour CHATS


Pack of 3, 1 Hour CHATS


Meditation Class:

Find YOUR way to Peace Mind©, clarity of purpose, and the rest, relaxation, and recovery response that comes from the creation of space within through meditation and mindfulness. Are YOU interested in seeking enlightened awareness or have a private group that’s interested in coming together for inspired growth?

Book your individual or group class today!

Online ~ Individual 45-Minute Class


Online or In-Person ~ 1-Hour Group Classes

$20 per person

(contact for details)

Please fill out the request form below to schedule YOUR coaching session or sign up for webinars.  

Session times are typically Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM, with evenings by appointment. Scheduling is flexible. Appointments are conducted via Zoom video conference or phone.  Contact Lisa for events or group rates!

*By submitting this form, YOU are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as listed on the website below.

Call to inquire about special presentations for your group or community!

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A members-only group for friends of Life YOUniversity.

The L4L provides a private, loving space for people just like YOU to connect with friends, explore, develop and practice a divine lifestyle. Join the conversation!

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“Your knowledge has opened my mind to different ideas about life and provided clarification…” 

– Cara, Washington, PA

Terms & Conditions


Life YOUniversity does not intend that you ever substitute another person’s guidance, from a Spiritual Life Coach or even just a friend, for YOUR own judgment. It is encouraged that each individual considers any information received with their heart, mind and own personal intuition, to decide if it is right for YOU. Only then should you move forward with an action, of your own accord.

Time is OUR combined precious resource. Once you schedule your appointment, that time is YOURS. The EOG asks that you honor our time, your commitment to yourself, and my commitment to YOU, to the best of your abilities. The EOG promises to honor our time in return, to the best of her abilities, as well.


Payment is required up front, at the time of scheduling to secure your session.

Cancellation and refund policy:

If you cancel, Life YOUniversity requires a minimum 24-hour notice for a full refund of payment. Otherwise, a $25 fee will apply. If you arrive late to your scheduled appointment time, you simply lose that time as other appointments may be scheduled immediately after your time.

Submitted Questions to the EOG:

FREE Blog Questions – Questions will be selected at random at the sole discretion of the EOG. No guarantees are made that submitted questions will be answered at any time or for the type of questions that will be answered. Questions will be chosen randomly and/or based on the needs of the community.

For Personal Email Response Questions – Responses will be replied to within 1 – 2 business working days to provide the necessary time to address the question and determine the best response possible. 

*When YOU submit a question, you are giving permission to add your email address to our mailing list for updates. You may opt out at any point. Life YOUniversity will NEVER share your email address.

Guarantees & Refunds:

Lisa Henry, the EOG, Everyday Ordinary Guru and Life YOUniversity have no control over how individuals perceive or use the Principles of Divine living, therefore offers no guarantees. YOU may be introduced to alternative therapies and opinions, which may produce new and unexpected results in your life. Life YOUniversity will not be held accountable for any results, as it is your free will to decide to act on any guidance and how you will do so. YOU understand and take complete responsibility for your choices, thoughts, actions, deeds, and well-being, which all affect outcomes. 

Once given out, time and instruction cannot be given back. Therefore, as a rule, refunds are not provided. However, Life YOUniversity may consider the circumstances of a particular event or situation unique and determine otherwise. Consider consulting the writings and guidance on the Life YOUniversity site to determine if the style is likely a fit for YOU in advance of scheduling a session. 

Jewelry is provided without any warranties or guarantees of any kind, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The products are to be used at your own risk. Items may be returned for a full refund if returned to Life YOUniversity in new and unused condition. Return shipping is at the expense of the sender.


The information provided by Life YOUniversity and the EOG is educational in nature from the Inner Source and life experience of the EOG and is not a professional recommendation. It is not intended as replacement for professional therapy or counseling of any kind, and is not provided as such. Use of this site and coaching services are understood to be entirely at your own risk.

Privacy Policy:

Life YOUniversity values your privacy and will not share the content of private coaching sessions, your personal email address, name or contact information with anyone without prior consent.

Invited Submissions/Use of Content:

You may be invited to submit content to the site, such as comments or questions for the Spiritual Advice Column. Life YOUniversity will consider anything you provide to us and/or contribute to this Site as available for our use free of any obligations to you. Under no circumstances will we pay for the use of your submissions or ideas. Life YOUniversity reserves the right to reject any submission for use or publication that is deemed harmful or unlawful. Furthermore, Life YOUniversity reserves the right to block any user, submissions, or content deemed to be unfit for the site due to unsuitable tone or conduct.

No affiliate compensation will be in effect unless entered into an agreement with Life YOUniversity by written agreement.

Local Regulations and Taxes:

Life YOUniversity operates under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. As per current tax law, as of June 2016, for online jewelry sales, sales tax is collected only for PA residents in the United States of America.

Life YOUniversity assumes (and by using this Site you certify that) you have the legal capacity to enter into the agreement as set out in these Terms (i.e., that you are of sufficient mental capacity and are otherwise entitled to be legally bound in contract). This site is intended for an adult audience and services are only provided to legal adults, over the age of 18. By signing up for services, you agree that you are NOT a minor age child; or, you agree that you are a parent or legal guardian of a minor child and that you have the legal capacity to provide permission, authorizing Spiritual Life Coaching to be provided to the child.