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The Truth of Intention – Excerpt From The Quickie Study Guide

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Quick Tip

I wanted to share another brief excerpt from Life YOUniversity’s Quickie Study Guide, the Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living.

I. Setting Intentions

Definition:    Intend

 1. To have in mind as something to be done or brought about; plan 2. To have a purpose or design

So, the Question becomes, “How are YOU designing your life?”, or “What’s YOUR intention for YOUR life?”

Remember to be honest because you can’t hide the truth of your own heart. It is your Personal Truth and the Divine reads the intention of your mental beliefs vs your heart’s Knowing.

To deny your own knowing is to deny your soul’s purpose and the result is always pain of some sort.


For another excerpt from Life YOUniversity’s forthcoming Quickie Study Guide, An Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living, read this post!

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