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Sunday’s Shining Sermon For YOU To Call In The Light

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Sunday’s Shining Sermon for YOU

The Divine is often described as “the Light” in many Spiritual teachings.

The significance is mainly associated with the glow of angels and the “white light” people report seeing in NDE’s, near-death experiences. Light is also a perfect metaphor to explain that which is Divine as the shining light illuminates the dark. Not to mention, “Let there be Light!”

The dark is often associated with lower energies or evil.

Light overcomes the dark, which is the perfect reason to call my Sunday boosts of inspiration Sunday’s Shining Sermon. The purpose – to call in the light. Something to cheer YOU up, hopefully, lift YOU up, and ideally, have YOU looking up, to a Divine life plan!

Today’s word is a prayer/affirmation or what I refer to as a Positive Energy Statement (PES).

Science and personal experience show that repeating PES’ through word, print or even memory is highly effective to change your state of mind and thereby improve your own state of well-being.

Try this today…

“Divine Love, let me KNOW Who I Am and live in Divine faith, true Divine love, and wonder. Amen.”

Amen means “so be it” or “I believe”. It’s important to state the PES in definite terms, or with faith. “Go boldly to the throne!” -Hebrews 4:16.

Walking in faith IS A CHOICE. One that YOU decide for yourself with every step on your everyday ordinary life path.

And, it’s Divine!

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