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Q&A: Why Didn’t The Law of Attraction Work For Me?

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Why Didn’t The Law of Attraction Work For Me?

Q.  I had received a gift card for Walmart and was very happy because my financial situation is lacking. I was excited to think of the basic supplies I could get for my apartment that I usually can’t afford. When, I reached in my pocket, it wasn’t there. I had lost it. Why did I lose the money when I was so happy to have it? Why didn’t the law of attraction work for me?

A. The law of attraction is more than what you’re thinking about in the moment, it’s answering the energy of your core beliefs.

You were thrilled in that moment, but your general perception is lack. So, the law of attraction did work, just not in the way you hoped. It responded to your underlying core belief of lack by causing the gift card to be “taken”, thereby matching your belief.

This is the most common misconception and reason for misunderstanding the law of attraction.

What we think in any given moment does change the energy of our mood or vibration, but our subconscious beliefs make up our general “energy signature”. It identifies you as who you are or more accurately who you believe yourself to be, and that is what The Divine hears, understands and reflects back using the law of attraction.

It’s important to realize that the language of The Divine is not words, but feelings and understandings. That’s why it’s been said that you can’t hide your heart from God. Prayers are offered in the silence of our hearts and we believe they are heard, and so is every other message of our heart. The Divine always says “Yes!” to whatever you are offering as your energy signature.

Take a moment to reflect deeply on your feelings at that time. You might realize you were thinking you were happy to have the gift card because you were feeling something like, “I really needed this because I have no money.” However, if you believed, meaning that you knew like you knew the sun would rise that morning, that the gift card was a sign of prosperity now and to come, things would have worked out differently.

One benefit of knowing Divine law, is that it provides the core belief that all is well and that improves YOUR energy signature.

In order to know what your energy signature is, you have to shift your focus from your thoughts to your feelings. Thoughts make you feel, but the feelings you hold onto are what become your belief system, and that is your signature. It’s not about what happened in your past or your hopes for the future, but the beliefs about them that you bring into your now that make up who you are.

Choose wisely.

Because The Divine always says “Yes!”, that’s great news if you’re happy and believe in prosperity, not so much if you’re holding onto beliefs that don’t serve you. The good news is that you have control over what you put YOUR valuable attention on. Esther Hicks says often that, “Beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking.” So, find the valuable lesson in a past hardship to help you turn it around into a positive. Forgive and let go. Find things to focus on NOW that make you happy, that give you hope and uplift your spirit. The more you do that, you will begin to shift your signature to a higher vibrational song.

Then, The Divine will being saying, “Yes!” to that, and the law of attraction will respond in kind, bringing you the desires of your heart.

All my love,

The Everyday Ordinary Guru

Photo Copyright © 2017 Lisa Henry, All rights reserved.

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