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Q&A: What Are Limiting Beliefs?

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A.  Your Stuck Emotions, aka. Limiting Beliefs, Are Like Dead Bugs in an Abandoned Cobweb


“Limiting beliefs” is a popular catch phrase in New Age philosophy.

Definition:  Limiting Belief

Limiting beliefs are ideas or emotions that you had at one point and decided to stick with, even though they no longer serve you.

It means that you have certain beliefs that you hold tightly to, that have become such a part of you, that you don’t even look at them as a belief that you’ve formed.

You think it’s just “who I am.”

The key is that it is who you think you are, and you can change what you think.

I liken it to, just in time for Halloween, bugs stuck in a spider web. At one time, like a new idea, they were vibrant and alive, now sucked dry of the energy they possessed, their carcasses reminding us that they once lived.

Emotions are meant to be felt, analyzed by the brain and body for life-giving information, then abandoned. They give their host, YOU, the energy you need at that time, to figure out how YOU feel, but then are supposed to be recycled back from where they came.

The cycle of life is in all things.

The spider doesn’t stay in the old web, crying over the fact that all the nourishment is gone and the web is too dusty to catch anymore. It goes and builds a shiny, new web to catch some more.

You can go and get some new ideas, and form new beliefs!

When you hold too tightly to things that have passed, you are going against nature.

That’s when the pain of a limiting belief is born.

Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-educated neuroanatomist and author who wrote A Stroke of Insight about her own experience, explained that a human emotion lasts about 90 seconds, when we let it pass through us. Holding on to it only causes us to remain stuck in the pain.

That is like being bitten by the spider over and over and never succumbing, just being continually, excruciatingly poisoned.

While it may be fun to endure gory, scary and painful death scenarios to celebrate a creepy holiday, it doesn’t hold the same appeal as a lifestyle. Don’t let YOUR limiting beliefs become your own personal, daily hell.

It’s not fun and it’s certainly not divine.

Allow yourself to move on and create a beautiful new web, full of new life, like the beauties in this video.

Happy Halloween!

Photo and Video Copyright © 2016 Lisa Henry

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