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Q&A: “How do we awaken to remember why we came into our current lifetime?”

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Q.  How do we awaken to remember why we came into our current lifetime? – Linda

A.  If you are asking this question, you are stating the fact that already KNOW that you are supposed to awaken, which is the first part of the answer. That’s part of the whole reason why YOU came into your current lifetime, to AWAKEN.

Awaken to what? That answer is different for everyone – because each path is unique. 

So much of our life path is taken by default or by following the “shoulds” of the culture. Spirituality teaches us to formulate the question, and sit back and Allow the Answer to unfold. Your/our job in life is learning how to do that! That is part of the divine plan, for each human being to discover for themselves that which is within themselves, the YOU that is on the inside, and then to bring that truth forward into the world to share with others.

What is YOUR truth? The answer to THAT question is found in you.  Who are YOU?

That’s why I have the quote, “YOU are the path,” on my homepage. What are you pulled toward in life? What are your natural talents and gifts, whether it’s comforting people with empathy and compassion, moving them through music, answering the call for political activism? You’ll find your answers in the things that call to YOU.

If you struggle with this, which many (almost all) people do, then you’re probably stuck in the mindset of our modern culture (the “shoulds”), or looking for answers outside of yourself.

In order to quiet the mind and enter the place of allowing and receiving the answers to these questions, the quick and easy answer is to meditate. Learn to be present, in the here and now moment, tuned into your body and sensing energy rather than thinking and trying to figure things out.

Rarely do we take the time in our culture of busyness to just sit quietly with ourselves and listen.

Here’s the Life YOUniversity SALES process that breaks it down for YOU…

S- STOP:  Or, at least, seriously slow WAY down. Take a moment for YOU.

A-  Ask: Ask your mind and your Inner Wisdom, your Core of Knowing, what is calling to YOU? Get clear about how you are feeling and why. Sometimes, that is enough to break out of the cobwebs of the mind.

L-  Listen:  This is the step we most often skip. Get quiet inside and out. Now, let go of the question and take some precious moments to listen to your body and what Martha Beck, Ph.D. calls, “What wants to happen.”

E- Evaluate: Evaluate with no judgment; simply observe and consider the information and your response to it.

S- Step:  You may feel better just identifying and acknowledging how you feel. You may realize exactly what you need to do and take action right away. You may decide you cannot take any action right now, but you will begin to take small steps, like planning for what you will do later or self-care. But, simply identifying what you need, and honoring that, is a step in the right direction.

When you feel ready, take a step forward.

The body doesn’t lie. It will feel like freedom and joy when you come upon the right answer for YOU. I say, take a step, because life unfolds moment by moment, step by step. It’s not usually some big booming answer from the heavens.

That is the course for YOUR divine path. You’ll know it because it feels like Truth & Love, which are divine!

Side note: YOU discover your “why” and the Divine will provide your “how”. Expecting an intention to play out in a specific way is limiting. You may take the road less traveled, so be willing to let the Divine take care of the unfolding. The Divine may have a greater idea or outcome planned, so you must leave room for possibilities beyond your imagination. Faith!

Thank YOU for your Question!

If YOU would like help navigating through the details of your path, finding the sticking points in your energy and belief systems, and helping you find the way through them – feel free to reach out for a private session! For help learning how to begin a meditate practice, come to class beginning tomorrow at Kaleidoscope II in Washington, PA from 6-7:30pm! 


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