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Q: How Do YOU Receive Divine Assistance?

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A.  When you get connected to Divine energy, you are in the full receiving mode of Divine assistance.

Calling out to The Divine, praying or asking is one way, the traditional way, to connect and request Divine help.

Here’s the caveat. In order to receive answers to your prayers, you must offer them with faith that is deep and real, AND without micromanaging the details of the delivery.

Prayer, or simple conversation with The Divine, is an intention of the heart. But, how do you offer a prayer in faith if you aren’t feeling it? Isn’t that when we usually turn to prayer, when we lack faith in something?

How deep is YOUR faith?

We have not traditionally been taught that we have a part to play beyond that vague instruction to have faith, or how to have faith.

The following explanation and process is a path to divine living.

Choosing to carry out YOUR very important part in the process makes all the difference. You have a very big part to play because YOU are a co-creator with The Divine. If you ask with weak faith, it is not a “sin”, but rather, it will limit the results that you receive.

You must do YOUR part to raise your faith. And you can do it, right now.

  1. Start by trying to remember a time in your life that you had faith. Go back in your memory bank, pick a time when you believed fully in something and it happened for you.
  2. If you can’t recollect a situation from your own life, ponder the deepest level of faith you can imagine having, or a time when you were witness to someone else’s faith, and were inspired.
  3. If you are still having difficulty, tap into the stories of some religion that you can connect with. The story of Jesus’ faith is just about as inspiring as it gets. Dismiss the religious dogma that comes with His story for this, and just try to sense how deeply He believed in order to receive answered prayers instantaneously to perform miracles.

Get there any way you can. What matters is that YOU FEEL it. You can’t just “know what I’m talking about.” There is intellectual understanding and then there is knowing in your gut. The only way to truly have faith is by experiencing or feeling it inside.

God never said to know about faith, He said to have faith.

The next key step in the process to actualize results is to remain in the feeling place of that faith. Literally, a few minutes of your solid attention will start to shift your beliefs, and the energy of that focused attention will start to pick up momentum on its own. In other words, your train of thought will start going in the new direction, rather than the one it was on before. You will begin to feel your faith raise within.

It’s important to know that does not mean constantly focusing on getting the thing you want, but instead, be content in letting go once you’ve asked. Faith is positive expectation while being at peace without it having come yet.

By doing those two simple things, finding the feeling of faith, and holding your focused attention there until it becomes how you feel now, YOU deliberately create faith within yourself.  YOU directed your thoughts, rather than waiting for someone or something outside of yourself to change your mind for you. Your body then responded to the feeling energy of those new thoughts and changed how you felt inside.

You intentionally raised your own energy to a higher belief system, one of more faith. It doesn’t matter HOW you got there, you got there! Now, you will be offering your prayer from a place of higher faith, believing you will receive, rather than low expectations because of little faith.

What happens if you have never felt like you had faith, or can’t get there at all?

Ask The Divine to show you, to let you feel and know what faith is. Since you are offering this request from a place of no faith, you will need to be diligent to look for the response. The Divine always responds to your request, but if you are not in the place to receive it, you will miss it. So, the next step on this pathway is to STOP: get still, quiet your mind, open your heart and mind and LISTEN. You cannot multitask listening in the silence.

If you can’t stop and listen right then, ask, then let go. Trust that it WILL be revealed in time, usually when you are distracted. Like in the shower, or while driving, or when you are trying to fall asleep. Your mind will take advantage of any peaceful moment you give it to try and deliver answers to the questions you keep active within you. We don’t take time in our busy lives and culture to stop and listen, so The Divine uses any opportunity it can to get the messages to us.

Remember that YOU have a role to play in receiving assistance, communication, or answers from The Divine.

You get to decide how much YOU want, how much effort YOU are willing to put into developing that connection. Just think of anything you want in life. If you only kind of want it, and you don’t put much effort, faith, or motivation towards it, you probably won’t get it.

Maybe, you’re afraid to really care, to really want or have faith, because then if you don’t get what you were hoping for, you’re afraid you’ll lose more faith. So, you watch from the sidelines, waiting to see if God shows up on His own.

There is no judgement about this. It is only to bring awareness of how close you are to receiving all that The Divine has for you. It is between YOU and The Divine only.

Faith is a path, the emotional instruction for how to connect to Divine resources.  

Don’t miss that it’s an instruction. Not a concept, but a feeling; a state of knowing and being.

Prayer is an intention of the heart. An emotional request to The Divine, offered in faith.

Anything less than that is like throwing a rhetorical question to the wind, and not really expecting an answer.

You are not required to have profound faith in your life, you have been given free will to develop the level of faith of your choosing. Just remember this when you pose the question, “Where is God in all this?”

How deep is YOUR faith?

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