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Q. How Do YOU Not Get Brought Down By Life’s Drama?

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A.    Alignment First, Then Action

Course Level:  Advanced

This post is about getting negatively affected by anything in life, at any time (lately political drama), and not allowing ourselves to be brought down by it.

We must detach from it and come into the present with NO thoughts, period. Only for as long as it takes, a few minutes or hours. Whatever it takes for YOU. It pulls you right out of what is and into alignment with The Divine, from there you can be involved, but in a whole new way.

We keep thinking we need to be IN it to be involved, but that’s a lie. From that place, we are in it, but on the level of the world. That means at the level of the problem, not at the level of the solution.

Getting into alignment and then looking at the event is a whole different vantage point, from which we can actually be effective.

We either don’t know or don’t remember that it only takes a few minutes to get in alignment first, because we never let ourselves get all the way into alignment before we start efforting again, from our ordinary human place.

We can effort only a fraction of what The Divine can produce FOR us, if we will do our part.

That difference makes ALL the difference.

That’s Divine living.

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