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Q.  How can I help my child be more in tune with the spiritual life that I live?   -Jeanine

A.   First, let me say that your question touched my heart right away. The fact that you want to give your child awareness of their Spiritual nature is a gift in today’s modern world.

You didn’t mention the age of your child. That makes a big difference in how to approach the subject, and may also help determine what resistance they may be offering. You also didn’t mention the reason they are not following suit already, which I could offer a more direct answer to. So, I’ll touch on a spectrum of possibilities, which will hopefully offer help for YOUR situation.

One thing that’s important to note, is that our path, whether Spiritual in nature or earthly, is not a straight line. We veer off, steady ourselves, and explore. In truth, we are never off our path.

I’m assuming since you used the word child, that he or she is under age. How young would also be a determining factor in the language and reasoning you would want to offer them.

Young children, in my experience, are very open to Spirituality. So, introduce them at a young age, when possible. When they grow up exposed to the truth of their Divine nature and the messages of love, joy and peace, they will have a foundation to grow from and expand upon themselves.

The beautiful thing to observe is their openness and lack of doubt regarding the existence of The Divine and therefore their ability to connect and communicate freely with the energy of That. They generally have no resistance to fully believing so their faith is pure. That sets a very powerful intention in motion and also an open energy of expectation that allows them to receive back freely from The Divine. I believe this is what Jesus meant when He told us to be like children!

If your child has not been exposed to any Spiritual or traditional faith-based practice, or has turned away from it for some reason, it still ok! God didn’t leave, can’t in fact, since everything is Divine energy, never turns attention away from your child or anyone or anything else for even a moment. We get to start from where we are, at any time. It’s never too late.

Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.

Life is a journey, but rediscovering our faith doesn’t have to be. It may be, and that has its merit, too. But, it doesn’t have to be. I love the phrase, a Holy Instant. It means that at any moment, we can discover that The Divine is omnipresent and our relationship with It.


Omnipresent:  widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread.

Then, a miracle of transformation can occur, and we can know The Divine and how we are a part of it.

Even if a person never develops a Spiritual lifestyle, they are no less guided by The Divine. They can, however, miss out on all of the benefits that a full partnership offers them.

It is a personal choice, even for a young person. We are in a relationship with The Divine at all times, and we can choose to ignore it, and all the benefits that come with it. The good news (there is ALWAYS good news), is that even lack of faith can serve a purpose. I believe we all choose our paths, and some people like to learn the hard way. They have to suffer, feeling lost and alone before they will turn and ask for help. If you observe people, often they don’t look for God until they are desperate. They try to do it alone until they really need help, not understanding that it didn’t have to be that way.

Some people are turned off from the idea of God, because they are turned off from religious teachings about God. Ironically, American society isn’t the most forgiving of those who question traditional religion. Fear of sin, damnation and judgement are enough to turn off the modern teen, or anyone else.

They need to know what they are connecting to, how and why. What are the benefits? Why does it matter to me? The only reason we are truly motivated to do anything is when we think or know that we will feel better by doing it. We need incentive!

That is actually one of the main reasons I created Life YOUniversity. Where do you go for Spiritual education in America if not from traditional religion? My concern was that they either stopped giving Spirituality any attention at all or were just winging it.  Where do you find God if not in a church?

The answer is divine, beautiful, simple and intimate. You only need to look within your own heart.

Share the benefits you get out of your Spiritual practice with your child, rather than telling them to do something. Once they see what YOU get out of it, they are more likely to come and ask you about it.

Don’t force them to try what you do, but also don’t hide or pretend it’s not the big part of your life that it is. Sometimes, when I tell my daughter at night that it’s time to say her prayers, she will say no if it feels like an obligation to her. And she is a mini-guru, meaning, she can talk to The Divine like Jesus is standing in the room! So, I will ask her why and start a conversation about it. She likes that because it extends bedtime! I’ll use the conversation to show her how and where it will benefit her for what she wants. Before you know it, she’s silently talking to God and excited for what she “got” or heard back.

The problem is that when we are so caught up in the realness of life, we aren’t tuned into the energy of Spirit. When we aren’t tuned in, we can’t feel the realness of what’s there for us, so we don’t believe it. We’re too far away to see, hear or feel it. It’s like a radio dial, you can’t hear the music being broadcast on one station if you’re tuned into another. We’re creatures of habit.

It’s like learning a new language, and that takes a desire, will and habit of practice. When you’re young, you don’t have that yet, or the incentive to try to learn something new. They naturally know to find what feels best, that they are supposed to feel and be happy, they just find it in less healthy ways if they don’t know their own Divine nature and how to access it.

The MOST important thing you can do for a child, or person of any age, is to model the lifestyle yourself. Children especially learn from what they observe us do, not what we say or tell them to do. When we say one thing and do another, they start to lose the ability to distinguish truth.

The only way to truly know something, though, is to experience it for ourselves, then we are changed forever. Someone can tell you how it feels to win a million dollars, but unless you hold the winning lottery ticket, you will never really know what it’s like.

The second best thing you can do is to pray that your child has an experience of their own with The Divine. There is so much power in prayer, just make sure it’s for them, and not for you. The specific energy of intention is very important! If you pray with a need, it is less pure, meaning there is fear or doubt in it, than praying with a thankful heart that all is in Divine order and well, regardless of what happens. That is faith! Then, you will have joy regardless. Which will really inspire your child!

And, that’s Divine!

Thank you for submitting YOUR question!

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