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Would YOU Take Poison or a Potion for Self Love?

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change your perspective 2018 Photo Copyright Lisa Henry

“When you hate, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

That quote is attributed to several sources online. Regardless of where or when it originated, its clear message expresses Divine law brilliantly. You can’t give what you do not already possess yourself. It’s also like the quote, supposedly from the Buddha, that goes something like, “Hatred is like throwing a hot coal at someone; you cannot do so without burning your own hand first.”

So, instead…

“Find appreciation in the critical gaze. Be so in love with yourself that the other person is irrelevant. That is true freedom.

It’s HARD.

Practice self-love until it’s dominant. Don’t use them as the “condition” to feel good or not.

Change your perspective to see the good I get. This person helped me love me.” -Abraham/Esther Hicks

It’s hard because it takes practice. YOU have to study hard and DO the work to get the results at Life YOUniversity. But, it’s worth every step YOU take on the journey because the path leads back home to love.

And, it’s Divine.

L 💚

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