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“New” New Year’s Resolutions To Change YOU

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It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions and a fresh outlook, right!?

Have YOU made your plan for the new year?

 What if instead of setting a lofty goal that requires hard work and epic willpower, you try a gentler, divine path that leads to the same, or even better, destination?
Altering your body is a popular, angst-ridden, lofty goal usually involving blood, sweat and many tears of frustration and anger. Instead, try “working out” your general state of being. Twist from trying to force a perfect outcome from deprivation and punishment to increasing positive momentum about being healthy, fit, lean, etc., which naturally increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.
It’s the difference between tapping into the Flow and getting in the zone vs engaging in a battle against your thighs. Only one INSPIRES change and is sustainable long term. Only one is in natural alignment with Divine order. Only one of those options feels good along the way.
Work on THAT and see if your outlook doesn’t change right along with your physique.
Start with these goals in mind:
 I. Flow vs Planning
II. Positive Expectation vs Angst
III. Natural Desire vs Societal Ideal
IV. Self Love vs Self Hatred
Resolve to develop YOUR Divine nature, cultivating that which naturally feels good and right to your heart, mind, and body and you will naturally fall into healthy eating patterns and exercise routines.
When YOU love and respect your own body, when you feel good about the desire you hold for yourself, your desire to punish yourself goes away and is replaced with inspired action to support the planned vision that you established.
The true effort required is a mental workout to stay focused. Call to yourself the end result of your goal, allow the feeling of achieving it wash over You. Don’t be afraid to go there before you get there. That’s what imagination is for! Imagine the goal completed, accessed, reached.
Sit and marinate in it. Marinate in it until the feelings give way to inspiration to act. That’s divine inspiration, it comes naturally. Implementing a strict, restrictive routine feels like a straight jacket you have to escape from and “cheat”.
So, take a minute and plan Your way.
It’s better if You can sit quietly, but You can do it on the go in a pinch. Just like mentally ticking off the boxes of what you need to take with you when you walk out the door, keys, wallet, lipstick, add a box for Your goals, too.
Most of all, make Your goals manageable. Set small and reward big says Martha Beck, PhD. One step at atime. The animals of our bodies need Incentive! Motivation! Rewards.
The BIG reward? Feeling good along the way.
It’s divine!
– Life YOUniversity
 *David Bowie sums it up in Changes, “Turn and face the strange, changes.”

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