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Meditation, The Easy Way

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How do you meditate? And for heaven’s sake, WHY?

Well, look no further for a quick and easy meditation practice!

Since we are an impatient culture, I’ll start with how.

Just sit. Quietly. For 5-15 minutes to tune out the world and into YOU in the Here & Now. That’s it.

You may feel that you don’t have 15 minutes to sit for 15 minutes. But, you do. You can stress for 15 like usual or sit quietly and tune into relaxation for that time. It’s YOUR choice. The outcome may determine how the rest of your day goes. How do YOU want it to go?

Why don’t YOU just try it to see?

What happens depends on where you are in your level of practice. Just starting, you’ll probably want to throw something at me for even suggesting a moment alone with yourself. Farther down the road, you know it’s good, you’ve maybe even had a moment of clarity, but it’s still a challenge. Later, you’ll find any spare moment to come into awareness, living your life from a place of clarity because living any other way is pointless and exhausting.

Alright? Go! Yes, right now!

How’d it go? You should’ve felt instantly a slight expansion of your awareness of time, just considering sitting quietly for that amount of time. It feels like it would take forever, no?

There you go, you just expanded your time and switched your thinking from not having enough to 15 minutes is too long! Our experience of all things stems from our perception and meditation is about upgrading your perception, of your time, of your life and of yourself. How does it do this? By quieting the mind of it’s incessant need to talk over your inner voice.

If you would like more detailed information about how to meditate, what to do when thoughts come in, etc., check out this more detailed post. Also, you can sign up for my newsletter (approximately 2 emails a month) for my quick and easy meditation called the 5 Minute 5 Senses Meditation.

Why? To go from an out-of-control mind into Peace Mind. Chill. Aware. Relaxed. At peace with what is and able to step out into your day empowered from a calm place of centered awareness.

Sounds good, right? It is!

It’s divine.

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