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Meditation Class IV Connect to the Divine – Answered Prayers is Tomorrow!

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Do YOU know the practical benefits of a Spiritual lifestyle?

You may have been limited by your own learned belief systems. Maybe, you haven’t been exposed to information that can help you understand the ways things work, yet. For instance, you know about prayer, but do you understand the way praying and receiving answers works?

Life is truly our greatest teacher, especially in this regard.

I. The energy of faith is taught as a key component in prayer because faith has no need to hold onto a request, that’s the opposite of receiving. Just letting go of the question, the asking, is an openness to receiving, a key component.

II. Leaving the answer freely open to divine timing (when), a divine way (how), and the divinely perfect expression (what) are also key components.

III. You can ask specifically, but being open to infinite possibilities is the divine path because YOU are likely to limit yourself and an outcome. A limited mindset is part of human nature and can energetically block the flow of an outcome that’s truly divine for YOU. As do doubt, fear, and negativity. (Ahem, modern lifestyle…)

IV. Meditation can YOU clear your mind and tune into the open space of receiving, clearing all the thoughts and doubts from your mind. You’ll learn Life YOUniversity’s 5 Minute 5 Senses Meditation at class for a quick, easy, simple way to access this state of mind.

Divine Homework:

Spend some time looking back at the times you have prayed and the results. Now, look even deeper at the level of angst, effort, fear vs faith, letting go, and allowing the best to flow to you and through you from a Higher Source that you held. Compare the results of each. What did YOU learn?

Want to learn more? Come to class tomorrow at 6pm! Details and RSVP at the Facebook Event Page!

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