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Life Coaching Classes Are Like College Courses For Everyday Life

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Think of Spiritual Life Coaching classes like a college course, it’s an elective that’s not required study. It’s not public education where everyone is required to go and learn the same things. You go because you’re deciding to learn something specialized, divine living in this case.

For example, religious people get up and go to church on Sunday mornings as a ritual because that tradition is something they choose to make a part of their lifestyle. Those who don’t are also choosing, what’s not a part of their lifestyle. And, of course, there is a full spectrum of options besides those two choices. A Life Coach doesn’t assign right and wrong, rather, helps YOU decide what’s right for YOU, provides options to consider, and steps for moving toward the right path for YOU to get where YOU want to be.

Obviously, those choices make up YOUR life experience, becoming how you spend your time and how enjoyable your life is to you or not. Join me for a discussion for learning what Divine Living is and the many benefits for YOU!

I would like to guide you and give you some tips and tools to make it easier along your path, to help YOU move through life with clarity instead of confusion.

Here are some of the kinds of things YOU will learn

How to STOP, Ask a Question, wait and listen for an answer to come rather than jump right into a situation. You’ll practice how to BE and not just “do”. Because from in the state of peaceful present moments, you walk the steps on YOUR path with more ease, grace, peace, relaxed joy and fun!

Learn the rules of the game so YOU don’t have to wait! Experience peace when YOU flip the switch from unsatisfied with “what is” to one who flows with the now moments in satisfaction. You’ll learn how to go within for peace and answers. Learn how to get clarity in decision-making and to trust YOUR own judgment.

Experience peace in your now moments and flip the switch from unsatisfied with “what is”. One flows and one is a detour off YOUR path.

Clarity and satisfaction go hand in hand! Once you master the steps, it will become YOUR fine-tuned instinctual nature. 

And, it’s Divine!

** Learn how to access clarity for divine living in YOUR everyday life! If YOU would like to continue the discussion personally and expand into the specific areas of your life that YOU would like some guidance about, call me, email or just sign up on the website! Let me know when works for YOU and we’ll CHAT! Register on the Get Advice page today!

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