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Interview (VIDEO) to Understand and Utilize YOUR Intuition with Pittsburgh’s Kim Chestney

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Kim Chestney Intuition Interview intuitive impressions

Some of the BIG “life purpose” questions frequently asked are, “How do I find my path in life?” “How do I know what the right choices are for me in my daily life? And, a really BIG one, “How can I trust myself, life and the Divine?”

One of the best, most reliable, readily available and easily accessed answers to all of these questions is:  Intuition.

Watch my video interview on intuition with intuition advocate, Kim Chestney. Listen in and learn how to tune into your intuitive impressions and then follow them for divine living! Watch the interview on Life YOUniversity’s  YOUTube page by clicking HERE!

a few quotes to take away from the interview

“Intuition has instant access to knowledge…like a wormhole, from the question straight to the answer.” “Intuition wants to manifest, it wants to come through us… So, when we don’t listen to intuition, we create a block.”  -Kim Chestney

“That block is, ‘I don’t trust myself.’ And, that shuts down the flow.” – L, the Everyday Ordinary Guru

Learning to access and utilize YOUR own intuition is one of the greatest gifts YOU could ever give yourself. It’s a gift from the Divine for YOU to communicate with a Higher Knowing, a part of your own divine guidance system to help YOU navigate through life.

Start learning today how to fine tune the messages and sensitive energy of intuition. Find the answers YOU desire in the video or ask them below in the Comments! Still need more? Head over to the Get Advice page and book a CHATS© Session today!

And, learn to live the Divine lifestyle!


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