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Quick Tip: Giving Back (At No Cost To YOU)

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Giving back at no cost to you Photo Copyright © 2017 Lisa Henry, All rights reserved
A FREE and EASY way to make a difference!

I recently found out that purchasing from Amazon by first logging into automatically provides a donation to your favorite charity or cause with your purchase!

Especially this time of year, the amount of money YOU spend on gifts could benefit others, too! Select the charity of your choice from their list or enter your own. They track the amount your purchases have raised and you can check it to see for yourself.

Giving back is Divine!

I’m not affiliated in any way with Amazon right now and receive nothing for this referral. I just think it’s a divine way to help!

* If YOU are looking for a worthy cause, my charity of choice is Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA, a local shelter and transitional housing provider for women and children in crisis from abuse. I’ve been a volunteer there in different capacities for over 10 years, and have seen first hand the generous and kind services they provide to my community.

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