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FREE Online Video Webinar – From Confusion To Clarity In YOUR Everyday Life!

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Access the power of clarity instead of living in confusion with tips and tools for Divine living!

When you consider things in YOUR life, from what vantage point are YOU considering it?

Is it purely your own, clear perspective or is it mixed with other’s input, past hurts or future imaginings, fears, etc.? Do YOU start with preconceived notions or is it yours alone, even just for a moment before other things pop into your mind?

Have YOU ever wished life came with an instruction manual?

Then join me for a FREE 40-minute Spiritual Life Coaching Class,  INTRODUCTION TO DIVINE LIVING – From Confusion to Clarity in YOUR Everyday Life!  Come and ask YOUR questions on this FREE webinar or just listen in and learn techniques for Divine living!

  • Learn how to divinely navigate YOUR everyday life with clarity and be inspired with real-life examples!
  • Learn how to get clarity on your desires and the path to them, rather than hope your path brings clarity.
  • Learn to quiet the noisy chatter in your mind to hear YOUR own inner wisdom and Divine guidance!
  • Learn to stand in clear-minded stability regardless of life circumstances.
  • Learn how to tune into your Divine nature and natural intuition for clarity, rather than what you think you “should” do.
  • Learn to access clarity to determine the path that you can more joyfully follow as you move through problems to solution


You MUST register to receive the link and call details! 

  1. To register, go to the Get Advice page and scroll down to Life Coaching Sessions or simply click this link! Fill out the form on the right, selecting the “Free Online Webinar” as your desired session and fill in your first name and email address. Select the Terms & Conditions box and click Submit. That’s it!
  2. I’ll take it from there, sending you confirmation emails that you are registered for the Online Group Session and later a link to access the video call.
  3. We’ll be using the video software Zoom, which is available for FREE download to any device. *You will need to download the Zoom software on your phone or computer to participate in the call!  Sign up for Zoom at any time before the call and then all you will have to do is click the link in your email to join the call at the scheduled time!    **Please do so ahead of time in case you run into issues! You don’t want to be late to the call and miss any valuable information!

Divine Deals

I’ll also be advertising around town and I need YOUR help to spread the word!

*When you refer a friend who also registers for the FREE class, YOU will get $10 off any coaching session or jewelry!
Just put their name in the notes section of the sign-up form!

**Clients and friends of Harmony Life Center are eligible to use the special Coupon Code #HLCSPECIAL for special low rates on any future paid classes.  Clients and friends of Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA are eligible to use the special Coupon Code #DVSPECIAL.

Giving back is Divine!  Give yourself the gift of well-being!

I would love to see YOU there!

Please contact me with any questions at

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