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Laugh Will Trey Smith's FB post

In looking for inspiration to share with YOU to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, an inspired idea was born…

a FREE Valentine’s Day Coaching call for YOU!!

The holidays are a time for celebrating tradition and taking time to feel something special. Unfortunately, a lot of people find it hard to celebrate in their lives right now. For them, holidays are a harsh reminder of what they don’t have, what they’ve lost. Maybe even the loss of hope. Maybe, for YOU, it’s not that bad. Maybe, it’s just a loss of something smaller, but nagging at you just the same, like a deeper connection to something meaningful. Maybe, just maybe, its the greatest loss of connection, to Yourself.

Where do YOU go for that? YOUR friendly, local, Spiritual Mentor!

I’m here to LISTEN to YOU, hear what Your Soul is saying and reconnect You to Its Voice. To teach YOU to still the inner voice of the mind so You hear the Quiet, Still Voice of Your Inner Wisdom.

Do YOU want to feel happy, to laugh easily, and enjoy life? The post picture is from Will Smith’s Facebook page. And his son Trey, who I just found out is nicknamed Trey because he’s Will Smith III. That’s worth a laugh! YOU, like them, do that by connecting to the part of YOU that recognizes YOUR truth, laughs when something’s funny, and listens to the call within like Will Smith had to do when he first started out. He knew who he was. He was a punk kid who made us laugh, now, he’s living his dream.

Whether on a special holiday or any special day of life, YOU can find YOUR path – YOUR way back to divine living in the modern, everyday, ordinary world.

Do you need help finding YOUR way? Do you know where laughter and joy live inside YOU? I can help YOU with that because I found my way – and I can help YOU find YOURS, right now! Using nature’s principles, I teach the ways for YOU to FEEL BETTER – from where YOU currently are to the next STEPS on the path to where YOU would like to go.

I can’t do it FOR YOU, but I can show YOU the way. And, it’s Divine!

Reach out anytime this week through email or phone at the contact page at! Or, if YOU prefer immediate gratification, go directly to the Get Advice page and submit the form to reserve YOUR spot today!

“Don’t get it twisted… Know YOUR Truth.” – Life YOUniversity


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