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My Moment With A Flock Of Birds Flying In Unison

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Birds Flying In Unison Photo Copyright © 2017 Lisa Henry, All rights reserved

Driving home this morning I passed a large flock of birds on a lawn, presumably taking a break from their migration to snack on some breakfast. I knew it would be a brief rest, and then they would fly off in unison.

I always stop in awe when I see a flock of birds flying together like that. The mini-guru and I spotted some in town the other day, swirling and circling until they finally landed on a billboard sign and some nearby electrical wires. I love to see the patterns they form and marvel at the communication skills they must have to do it. I looked it up and it’s called a murmuration. It seems these are starlings, and this is their special skill. We could learn a thing or two from them about cohesion.

I stopped, hoping to catch a glimpse of their “dance” on camera. I was treated to a front-row seat, even being a part of it for a moment as they flew close over my head and back down to the ground. You can hear me gasp in response at about 14 seconds in.

I LOVE when nature puts on a spectacular show!

It’s divine!

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