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An Excerpt from the Quickie Study Guide, the Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living

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Life YOUniversity’s Quickie Study Guide, the Interactive Curriculum for Divine Living

The purpose of this forthcoming QSG is to compile the ideal practices and principles for Divine Living into a small manual for easy reference.

I know we are all quite limited on time and attention spans, so my goal is to pack all the meaningful and enticing instruction I can into the most compact, helpful guide. The idea is to help YOU fit the most important education of your life into your daily life because that’s where the work is done and the results are received. Working on this project along with many other requirements personal and professional are challenging in many ways, mostly with time management myself! So, please have patience. 🙂

In the meantime, I wanted to share this brief excerpt on how to prepare yourself to receive inspiration. Being able to do this means YOU actually take the steps on your path through life that are inspired, rather than guessing or fumbling your way through.

Definition:  Inspired

– aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence: an inspired poet 

The following is a mini-excerpt of the chapter on the Gifts of Silence & How to Quiet the Mind.

“YOU must be willing to turn your mind off.

It will fight to stay on, to think, to mull over, to consider options. That’s ok. Just tell yourself, “That’s for another time, not right now. That’s not for this moment.”

You’re going to grant yourself, gift yourself, the present.

When you gift yourself presence in the moment, the moment gifts you back inspiration.

But, a gift is something given where there was none before. YOU can’t receive something into a mind that’s already full and outputting thoughts. Nothing can come in unless you open space for it.

You can’t gift yourself presence and inspiration without first accepting the gifts of a quiet mind, stillness in the present moment, and peace with what is.”

– Life YOUniversity

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