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Class TODAY! Meditation – Connect to Self, Know Thyself

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Meditation Class Photo Copyright Lisa Henry 2019

Class II: Connect to Self, of the Complete Introduction to Meditation Series

Today’s class, at Kaleidoscope II, is for YOU to know who you are, how to find your path and to connect to life in a meaningful way.

Live well to be well.

Learn to “Know thyself”. Access YOUR intuition, creativity, power, Divine guidance! Learn to fall in love with your life. Meditation allows YOU to become centered in YOUR True nature – which is your body, mind, and spirit working in harmony.

Meditation changes the way YOU experience life. You feel better, inside and out, and carry that into YOUR day. Get the training YOU need to get IN SHAPE for daily life with Life YOUniversity’s 5 Minute 5 Senses Meditation plus Divine life skills!

Learn nature’s rules in the game of life. Why? So you can play to win!

Often, it’s the basic skills in life, used well, that take us the farthest. For instance, there was a couple on the show 60 Minutes who used an understanding of simple math to win millions playing the lottery. Simply sitting in silence can be healing and open YOU to new awareness within and calming stillness which rejuvenates YOU inside and out. Learn to work with life and go with the FLOW.

Learn, study, and put into practice the tips and tools to make the best choices to live a Divine lifestyle TODAY! ♡

Come to Class II of the 4-Part Series TODAY, June 12th!

Class I. Intro Class – A Complete Introduction to Meditation   COMPLETE

TODAY!  –  Class II. Connect to Self – Know Thyself

July 10th  –  Class III. Connect to Life – Collective Consciousness

August 14th  –  Class IV. Connect to the Divine – Prayers Answered

Time:  6:00-7:30pm

Place:  Kaleidoscope II, 7 E. Walnut Street in Washington, Pa.

Cost:  The class fee is $20 per person.

*Free tuition is provided by Life YOUniversity, LLC for clients of Domestic Violence Services of SWPA and reduced-class fees are available for those in recovery.  Donations to support those in crisis who are interested in attending class are received with gratitude! Thank YOU!!*

Each class may be attended as a stand-alone or take part in them all for a master-class experience. As a Spiritual Life Coach, Lisa trains YOU to train yourself to reestablish BALANCE in your mind, body, and soul.

GET IN SHAPE for daily life to feel better!

Bring a friend!

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