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CLASS II of A Complete Introduction to Meditation ~ Connect to Self is this Wednesday!

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Class II – Connect to Self is in 2 days!

Kaleidoscope II is hosting Life YOUniversity, LLC’s  Complete Introduction to Meditation class this Wednesday at 6pm. Class II will focus on connecting to YOU, to “Know thyself”.

In this Sunday’s Observer-Reporter, an article about an Army veteran using yoga to treat his pain, weight gain and depression inspired me where he was quoted as saying, “Beyond the yoga was the atmosphere. The space where I could breathe and just be open and vulnerable and not hold on to my shield and hold onto my armor… You can’t work on anything unless you are able to do that.”

The space he’s talking about not only is the physical atmosphere where you separate your normal daily routine and take time out for yourself. It also means the space YOU open inside yourself, taking the time to LISTEN

That is the space we’ll be working on opening up this Wednesday at Class II.

Access YOUR intuition, creativity, inner power, and Divine guidance. Quiet your mind so YOU can LISTEN to “know thyself”. Meditation creates a path to YOU becoming centered in YOUR True nature ~ your body, mind, and spirit working in harmony.

My favorite part of teaching meditation and Divine life skills is watching someone’s reaction of surprise and curiosity when they experience something momentous within themselves that just moments earlier they thought was impossible.

Their eyebrows raise with intrigue and even shock that a simple 5 Minute Meditation changes what they knew so profoundly. Whether it’s simply shifting into feeling relaxed from a previous state of anxiety, or even deeper states of connection to life and the Divine.  A gentle knowing and joyful smile spreads on my face that comes from facilitating this shift for people time and time again.

My favorite quote about this phenomenon is from Martha Beck, Ph.D., “Our bodies are supercomputers that we use as drink coasters.” Simply sitting in silence can be healing and opens YOU to a connected awareness, and calming stillness rejuvenates YOU. Learn to work with life and go with the FLOW… inside and out.

Learn, study, and put into practice the tips and tools to make the best choices to live a Divine lifestyle TODAY!  ♡  Cultivate your spiritual nature to empower yourself and power up YOUR life.

The 4-part series of A Complete Introduction to Meditation.

Each class may be attended as a stand-alone or take part in them all for a master-class experience!

Class I. Intro Class – A Complete Introduction to Meditation   COMPLETE

Class II. Connect to Self – Know Thyself ~ July 10th – that’s THIS WEDNESDAY!

Class III. Connect to Life – Collective Consciousness ~ August 14th

Class IV. Connect to the Divine – Prayers Answered ~ TBD

Time:  6:00-7:00pm

Place:  Kaleidoscope II, 7 E. Walnut Street in Washington, Pa.

Cost:  The class fee is $20 per person

*Free tuition is provided by Life YOUniversity, LLC for clients of Domestic Violence Services of SWPA and reduced-class fees are available for those in recovery.  Donations to support those in crisis who are interested in attending class are received with gratitude! Thank YOU!!

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