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The Gift Of Christmas Spirit

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My grown-up Christmas Wish, sung by Michael Buble plays on cable tv radio as I write. It’s the perfect mood/energy for my feelings about the holidays. The lyrics, “love would never end” and “I’m not a child, but my heart still can dream” are the epitome of living life with the gift of Christmas spirit in YOUR heart.

I love the holidays. It seems to be the ONLY time of the year these days that strangers feel it’s safe or acceptable to bond and be cheery toward one another.

Why? A tradition that stems from childhood, a time of innocence, that a large number of people can relate to, even if it’s not the same faith tradition. There’s the faith aspect, another bonding element. A family or gathering aspect, food, people having something joyful to celebrate. It’s generally known to be a happy time of year. As BB King sings now, Please come home for Christmas, it’s “A time of year to be with the one you love.” As the lyrics say. “I’ll be happy once again.” It’s something to look forward to once a year; a special time.

Christmas and home are a state of mind as much as a time or place.

YOU get to define and live the holiday spirit in whatever way you want. Why not create it as a state of being and carry it with YOU always? When my brother was in the military, we went several years without having him there physically to celebrate the holiday with us. But, he would call from across the globe and everyone passed the phone around to speak with him. Loving each other is what we were celebrating, showing it through the act of sharing gifts, stories, smiles, and laughter, whether we were together or not.

The gift of a present wasn’t the focus, the gift of presence with one another at that moment was.

So, no matter where YOU are this Christmas, near or far away from the ones you love, send them love; share a smile with a stranger and make their spirit bright. If you are separated in some way from those you care about, deliver them the gift of your attention, whether in person or not. If they are in Spirit, send them a heartfelt prayer, remembering the good times, appreciating the time you spent with them. Your message is received loud and clear.

The gift of Christmas Spirit is available to all.

The closer YOU get to that feeling, the closer YOU are to experiencing Divine Love.

Here’s are a few holiday gift ideas for YOU

Gift yourself time with YOU.

It’s the best time you’ll ever “spend”. You always get a massive return on investment.

Cultivate your Divine/Spiritual nature to empower yourself and power up YOUR life.

Find the balance between living your Divine nature and your human nature equally. It opens doors to the things we label improbable, impossible, or just plain miraculous.

Make a Resolution/Divine Decree to know who YOU are.

Commit to asking yourself the question, “How do I FEEL about that?” The answer is who YOU are. Try it and see. It works wonders on the heart.

Give unto others.

Offer another, especially children, the gift of understanding and empathy. What YOU get back is the gift you gave.

Take things ONE at a time.

Take things one step at a time, focus on one thing at a time, address one day’s challenges at a time. Slow down and recognize the gifts in everyday ordinary life.

Give yourself the gift of Christmas spirit. It’s the way that leads home. Back home to Divine Love.

That’s Divine.


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