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A Complete Introuction to Meditation at Kaleidoscope II

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Meditation Class Photo Copyright Lisa Henry 2019

Listening to the radio recently, the new World Happiness poll was being discussed and the deejays said America was third from the bottom in the world for happiness

In a very separate but important side lesson, always fact-check what you hear on the news, especially these days. I don’t know if they were reviewing a certain aspect of the report or were completely misinformed but, when I looked it up, we’re actually 19th out of 156. The actual ranking has us fairing better than near dead last, but we are sliding down the scale in recent years.

So, what’s the solution?

There can be as many solutions as there are problems, and with Life Coaching, I help you sort them out, starting with YOUR belief systems and how they tie you down. However, the Divine Solution is much simpler and easier. Start with ONE thing.

Meditation. Overall, meditation lets YOU allow the state of mind shift that restores balance and a natural state of peace.

Additionally, in the quiet, meditation CONNECTS YOU to your own inner voice, life, others, nature, and the Divine. After the poll report, I felt led to listen to Suzanne Giesemann’s Unity Live Radio Show with guest Dr. Marjorie Hines Woollacott, Ph.D., a neuroscience professor at the University of Oregon for more than 30 years who has practiced meditation for almost forty.

Dr. Wollooacott reports that staying present in the moment is one of the keys to the Secret of Happiness.

 Side note:

Dr. Woollacott conducts interesting research on science and spirituality. I often hear the argument that, if things of a Spiritual nature were real, we’d hear more about it in the news or there would be scientific studies to prove it. Well, all you have to do is turn on mainstream news to see that happiness reports and Spirituality aren’t the ratings champions, but, if you’re interested, I’ll post the link for the interview at the bottom (news) where Dr. Woollacott  shares the highly-reputable sources for all the dynamic research (proof). 

Being present means that YOU focus your attention on being completely in the now moment instead of the typical “lost” in thought, somewhere in the past or future sense of perception – imagining some unknown future scenario, or reliving an old moment. Where are you now? To answer that question, you could ask another question, “What are you thinking?” Your thought progression sets the tone for your day and influences the choices YOU make, so it matters, a lot. When YOU are present, you shift into a state that is more equivalent to the Source of All Intelligence than to strife.

That state is one we all strive to achieve in daily life – a creative force, pure clarity, the zone that athletes strive to achieve, the inspiration that authors search for, the feeling of bliss that’s written on your heart that feels like Home.

Dr. Woollacott describes it as Creative Potential that is part of Infinite Consciousness. In fact, she conducted research on the ability to FOCUS between a “couch potato”, an aerobic walker, and a Tai Chi master’s brain function. The Tai Chi master tested as large as 2x the level of the couch potato. The aerobic walkers tested in the middle, at half. It makes sense, and it’s good news!

Anyone can lift themselves off the “couch” mindset and enter into the higher-functioning levels that they wish to reach, not by the typical hard work of changing life circumstances or willpower, but with a gentle shift of mind-focus.

Science has been trying to tell us and is now proving, that if YOU don’t use it, you lose the ability to operate at prime levels of functioning. Ask if you would make similar choices at a high-level functioning level as you would at a lower level? Dr. Woollacoott showed meditation increased the parts of the brain that foster decision making and conflict resolution, in addition to focus.

This is a clear example of the simple choices you make affecting YOUR life in a big way.

“It’s for how I go about my day, more than a Spiritual awareness of Unity with the Divine….” – Dr. Marjorie Woollacott, PhD

We’ve all experienced moments of zen-like functioning. Being in the moment and things flowing effortlessly. That’s a state of being that YOU can cultivate. Traditionally, we’ve believed that you could only get to this state by entering into pleasurable life circumstances, which is rarer these days. When, in fact, it’s your natural state. It’s covered up in useless mind gunk that you can clear up with practice, the practice of meditation.

Meditation is your training ground for present moment awareness.

Now YOU know what lies in wait for a clear mind. You already know what lies in wait without it. Daily strife, inside and out. You’ve been there. You don’t need to stay there. It’s a SIMPLE way out.


** Class begins on the May 8 at Kaleidoscope II. (details below)

“Consciousness is fundamental to reality.” – Dr. Marjorie Woollacott, PhD

P.S. As promised, here is the link to the interview of Marjorie Hines Woollacott, PhD. by Suzanne Giesseman, former military commander, Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations, and Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff turned Evidential Medium, explaining the science of expanded consciousness and the efforts to bring it into the mainstream.

Spirituality and science are finally working together, becoming intertwined by the curiosity of people and scientists to explain what generations of wisdom communities have been saying about our connection to Life; tying together the science of the brain along with Cosmic Awareness. Like Dr. Woollacott, who’s journey began with her curiosity sparking a real-life path to awakening, the scientists usually have a REASON they are drawn to look at the data, usually, an experience of their own that they can’t explain.

It’s so interesting to learn about our true nature! It’s truly Divine.

The Path to the Class

Class I begins Wednesday, May 8th, 6:00-7:30 pm, at Kaleidoscope II on 7 E. Walnut Street in Washington, Pa! Come to class! Other dates and times are coming soon.

Class I. Intro Class – A Complete Introduction to Meditation

Class II. Connect to Self – Know Thyself

Class III. Connect to Life – Collective Consciousness

Class IV. Connect to the Divine – Prayers Answered

Each class may be attended as a stand-alone or take part in them all for a master-class experience! YOU will start learning “the Basics” with Life YOUniversity’s 5 Minute 5 Senses Meditation to 1. Quiet your mind. 2. Calm your body. 3. Connect to the Divine Source (within). Develop an understanding about the way your mind works, the sensory language of the body, and FEEL the call of YOUR divine path over the 3 main courses. Bring YOUR questions for the Q&A section!

Come as YOU are and SOAR to where you want to be. Get the training so YOU can train yourself to reestablish BALANCE in your mind, body, and soul. GET IN SHAPE for daily life to FEEL BETTER! Get ready for an experience that easily shifts your state of being and take it with YOU into everyday ordinary life to create a divine lifestyle!

Bring a friend!

*Life YOUniversity invites YOU to support Kaleidoscope II’s store with a purchase from their uniquely spiritual and artistic collections!

*Free tuition is provided by Life YOUniversity, LLC for clients of Domestic Violence Services of SWPA and reduced-class fees are available for those in recovery. Contact Lisa through Life YOUniversity, LLC’s website Contact Page or leave a comment to make arrangements.

** Donations to support those in crisis who are interested in attending class are received with gratitude! Thank YOU! **

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