Quick Tips

Quickie Quote: “The key to getting YOUR desires is…”

Quickie Quote “The key to getting YOUR desires is to get clear on what they are, from the smallest to your wildest dreams.” -Life YOUniversity For more inspirational Quickie Quotes, click here!

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Be Like Jesus

Quick Tip You may hold the belief that Divine living means a perfect experience of life. Jesus didn’t manifest perfection around Himself. He brought healing that was within Him wherever he went and shared it with those who Asked. He didn’t manifest pots of gold, but what He needed as He went. Be like Jesus.

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How To Pray To Get Results

Quick Tip How do YOU pray to get results? Turn around an offering of prayer into a bold offering of thanks that your sincere requests are complete. That is true faith. Make your prayer a Positive Energy Statement: For example, “Thank you for assisting me to let down my guard and expect to receive love.” Try it out and post […]

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