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Q & A: How Do I Help My Child…

Q.  How can I help my child be more in tune with the spiritual life that I live?   -Jeanine A.   First, let me say that your question touched my heart right away. The fact that you want to give your child awareness of their Spiritual nature is a gift in today’s modern world. You didn’t […]

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Q. How Do YOU Not Get Brought Down By Life’s Drama?

A.    Alignment First, Then Action Course Level:  Advanced This post is about getting negatively affected by anything in life, at any time (lately political drama), and not allowing ourselves to be brought down by it. We must detach from it and come into the present with NO thoughts, period. Only for as long as it […]

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Q: How Do YOU Receive Divine Assistance?

A.  When you get connected to Divine energy, you are in the full receiving mode of Divine assistance. Calling out to The Divine, praying or asking is one way, the traditional way, to connect and request Divine help. Here’s the caveat. In order to receive answers to your prayers, you must offer them with faith […]

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