About Life YOUniversity, LLC

“Don’t get it twisted…

know your truth.” -L

Is YOUR life path one of Divine Living?

Do you feel good in daily life?
Do YOU know which steps to take on your path?
Are you being who YOU want to be?

If not, that’s ok!

I’m here to help YOU find your way.

The Introductory Course for Divine Living

Life YOUniversity, LLC is what you’re looking for when you say, “Life should come with an instruction manual!”

This is a school for life, a YOUniversity, that provides YOU with the tools for Divine living.


Divine– The spiritual aspect of humans; the group of attributes and qualities of humankind regarded as godly or godlike; heavenly; extremely good; unusually lovely; of superhuman or surpassing excellence.

What is Divine Living?

A Spiritual approach to YOUR everyday life that turns ordinary living into divine living! Engage and apply nature’s principles to reveal the pure, authentic, Divine essence of who you really are; and with that, all you are meant to do, be and have.

The Life YOUniversity, LLC curriculum speaks to the true nature of every human being.  Cultivating a balanced life, balancing both the human and Spirit aspects of yourself is the core of Divine living. Life YOUniversity, LLC is “higher education” for living well. Alter-native by design, it’s modern approach to traditional wisdom is what is needed to successfully navigate today’s world and carve a helpful path for future generations.

YOU are the path.

Life YOUniversity, LLC offers a toolbox of processes and uniquely-tailored advice to help you Connect to the Divine wisdom within YOU.

Not knowing Spiritual principles is to create your life randomly. Believing you have no power or control in your life is the way in which you give it away. If you don’t realize that YOU have Divine assistance, or how to access it, how can you use it?

This website, blog and private coaching are all dedicated to that purpose; to help YOU learn the practical, Spiritual principles that will light the path to love, opportunities, faith, freedom, joy, pleasure, fun, peace of mind and purpose in YOUR life. You will learn how to masterfully navigate YOUR daily life for optimum joy, regardless of your circumstances.

Learn the rules to the game of life and play to win!

Life YOUniversity is the heartbeat song for a new American dream, for YOU to know YOU ARE DIVINE.

How may I help YOU?

See What Others are Saying About Life YOUniversity

“On several occasions I have had clients tell me how much they benefit from your classes. I recall one particular client (who was) having an especially trying day with the challenges of rebuilding her life, working a full-time job and mothering a couple of spirited young children. This day she was exhausted both physically and mentally… The woman found the strength to attend (your) class that evening… The class really helped give her the strength to reinvent herself and to face her life challenges.”

– Julie, employee for domestic violence transitional housing, Washington, PA

“I just want to take you home with me!”

– Private Client, Washington, PA

“You should write a book!”

– Private Client, Washington, PA

“It’s great to see someone with such compassion.”

– Erin H., Central Assembly of God, Houston, PA – after hearing my speech on dealing with emotional pain.

“I told (my sister) that she needs to come and talk to you because I always walk away with a nugget of wisdom that helps me.”

– Stacie G.

“I think you have great potential.”

– MJ Markley, Founder of the Fight on Heroin movement, Washington, PA

“I feel I need this meditation (Life YOUniversity’s 5 Minute 5 Senses Meditation) more often. This helps me calm my mind and be in a more positive state to do what I need to do to manifest, (and) feel good. Thank you. Can you come back more often?”

– Client at Fresh Start, Washington, PA

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