About The Everyday Ordinary Guru

My name is
Lisa D.

the Everyday Ordinary Guru, a Spiritual Life Coach for the modern world.

There are two main types of education you receive in life. One is for your career, which you get from institutions of higher learning. The other is for your Being, which you can only get through living the experiences of life. You can, however, get guidance from those who came before, for a Divine path.

The many trials I faced compelled me to seek and find answers to life’s big questions.

Like why things happen the way they do, how to comfortably navigate life decisions to find personal joy, and the role The Divine plays in modern life.

I’ve found answers in Divine principles that free your spirit to embrace daily life, heal your heart and enable YOU to move forward in Love .

I’ve, in effect, lived two lives.

I longed, as so many of us do, for a “normal” life; which to me meant stable family, successful career, enough money, healthy relationships and peace of mind.

Instead, I had volatile everything; divorced parents from a young age, tragic deaths in both my immediate families, was bullied in school for my unwillingness to hurt back, and endured abuses and abandonment.

I was painfully shy, yet strong-willed, and became depressed fighting the overwhelming drama, and that was just my childhood and early adult years. I toggled back and forth between being a good-girl, following the rules of society and rebelling against injustices, trying to find my own way.

I grew up believing in the cultural standard of success, the textbook American dream.

I believed that if anyone else could have it, then I could, too. I was determined to achieve it.

I quickly rose to management in the workforce, successful in whatever job I held. I met and married a kind man, of 20 years now. I grew up thinking I did not want to have children of my own; later, I faced 7 years of infertility and two unsuccessful pregnancies before my precious daughter was finally placed in my arms. And, I was able to stay home with her. We built a beautiful modest home on a 5-acre slice of heaven, part of my family’s farm.

Yet, when achieving all of those things didn’t produce the happiness and lasting fulfillment I was told to expect, I was left disillusioned. 

To find my true joy, I had to look inside myself.

The loving presence of the Divine was the one constant that comforted me throughout the entire course of my life.

From my earliest memories, I always had a connection to that which we call God, and I now refer to as, the unifying title, “the Divine”.

In my life-long search for answers, I studied people and human nature, religion, philosophy, psychology, and self-help. Intrigued by all faiths and philosophies, quantum physics, natural healing modalities, mediums, near-death accounts, and later the scientific research behind them all, I started to find real answers for personal joy and fulfillment.

As a life-long empath (although I wasn’t aware that’s what it was called until much later), I have always been able to feel and sense things that other people didn’t.

I used to jokingly describe myself as “a little bit psychic”. I didn’t realize that it was a natural ability, stemming from my deep relationship with the Divine, and that I could cultivate it; that we ALL can.

I began to achieve peace of mind, clarity, and confidence, that went beyond my external circumstances. 

I battle fear and doubt, yet know my future is bright and limitless. I get knocked down by people and life and get renewed in my faith, daily. I lose my peace in the insanity of our modern culture sometimes, but I know how to find my way back.

I’ve witnessed and experienced miracles, and a multitude of Divine interplay, to ever question whether the Divine exists. 

It’s only a matter of putting into practice the principles I’ve learned to connect to that Divine Energy. By fully immersing myself in the development of my passion to increase my personal relationship with the Divine, and by learning the laws of nature and energy, I found my way back to love, and my calling.

I’ve learned the rules to the game of life and now, I am truly winning!

Anything I learned along the way, I always wanted to share with others.

My mission is to inspire YOU to wake up to your own Divine nature, the Spiritual aspect of yourself, and the real reality of what’s possible for YOU.

Life YOUniversity

I created Life YOUniversity to take YOU on a personal journey to self-empowerment through an intimate relationship with the Divine, teaching a Spiritual lifestyle for the modern world. 

Life YOUniversity is my heartbeat song for a better American dream. My mission is justice for a modern Spiritual lifestyle, helping to bring balance to the world with an alternate perspective for society.

Now, I am a renegade for Truth & Love!

I am YOUR Coach, your Spiritual Mentor, here to offer guidelines and encouragement on your path, so you can experience what divine living is for YOU.

I can’t do it for you. I can perceive and interpret the energy of your feelings, words, and intentions, and light the way back to love and peace of mind.

I can help YOU feel better, do better and be better.

So, friend, sit back, put your feet up, and let’s chat. In the words of my mini-guru, “Chill-ax”.

We’ve got lots to talk about!